How much do drinks cost?

All alcoholic drinks are purchased using tokens. Cash is not accepted at the bars.

Tokens cost £2.00 each and are available from the ticket desk.

Drinks pricing is:

Beer 1/2 Pint 1 token
Cider 1/2 Pint 1 token
Lager 1/2 Pint 1 token
Wine 175ml1 2 tokens
Wine Carafe 10 tokens
Wine Carafe Re-fill 7 tokens
Prosecco 125ml 2 tokens
Prosecco Bottle 10 tokens
Pimms & Lemonade2 1/2 pint 2  tokens
Pimms & Lemonade2 3pt Jug 10 tokens
Gin & Tonic3 25ml 2 tokens
Gin & Tonic3 50ml 3 tokens
Soft Drinks 330ml £1
includes 10p deposit

1 125ml available at the same price
2Available until 7pm
3Available after 7pm

What if I don’t like Beer?

We have a great range of local beer, cider and perry, so, if you are over 18, maybe we can change your mind.

If not, we also have a fabulous range of Wine & Prosecco. We will also be serving Pimms in the afternoon and Gin & Tonic in the evening.

Of course, soft drinks and tea/coffee are for sale as well.

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Can you bring your own alcohol?

No alcohol is to be brought on to the site.

Due to licensing laws, it will be taken from you or you will be asked to leave the site. We have bars and catering throughout the festival site where over 18’s can purchase alcohol.

Do you cater for Vegetarians?

Yes. we will have a range of vegetarian food options.

The key ingredient that determines whether beer is vegetarian or not is finings. Finings is a fish based product that is used to clarify beer. The finings drop to the bottom of the cask with the yeast and are not consumed.

Our range of Unfined Beers, and all our ciders,  are suitable for Vegans.